Apartment for rent district 2

Apartment for rent district 2

When renting apartments in District 2, what will the customer spend?
Brokerage fee when renting apartment in District 2: the fee you have to pay for the brokerage company to find the client, usually one month rent (contract 1 year) or you will pay monthly about 10%
Expenses for repair and maintenance during the lease or termination of the lease: During the lease of the apartment, if damage occurs but the fault is not caused by the lessee (such as leaks, leaks, structural works have problems ...) or after the termination of the lease with the former tenant, you will have to repaint the house to prepare for new tenants

You need a modern office , fully equipped to cater for business : telephone, fax machine , photocopier , internet connection , web pages , e - mail address , meeting rooms equipped with projectors , video conferencing ( video / audio conference ) ...

You need to put the office and modern luxury in the city center , convenient for trading with partners .

You need to have good employees , customers or contacts with answering phone calls in a professional manner .

If your company has several dozen employees working in the office , the office hired as needed. By not going to be a burden if you choose an office leasing solutions right in the heart of Kowloon 1.A other solutions and other trust is exactly what you expect : G - Office - virtual office solution .

How have enough time and money to invest in an ...


Apartment for rent district 2
Apartment for rent district 2Apartment for rent district 2Apartment for rent district 2